Eddie Monger Kickboxingdo

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Eddie Monger


Eddie Monger was ranked number four in the world!

The class bows in while saying "OS" to pay respect to Coach Eddie Monger as the demonstration begins.

The Demo Team and Coach Eddie Monger throw magnificent hooks.

What Kickboxing Does For You.

Eddie Monger's Kickboxing-Do allows you to get into shape (cardio and muscular). EMKD builds self esteem and self confidence by making you healthy, fit(body toning and cardio), and better able to take care of yourself after learning the techniques and training. You're able to work and associate with people more easily because we are a team. We cheer for each other, we push each other to better ourselves, and help each other with techniques and training . You will also learn and train in kickboxing, self defense, boxing, and muai thai so you can defend yourself if needed.

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