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-------------------------------Eddie Monger *Kickboxingdo*-------------------------

The next upcoming fight will be in Harveys Casino Hotel, Council Bluffs, Iowa,
----------------------------USA on September 1st, 2nd & 3rd.---------------------------

The Battle Of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Atlanta Hilton and Towers
--------------------------------on September 8 and 9th.---------------------------------

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Eddie Monger Fighters

After class

  • Danny "Rokk" Cucuta shadow boxing after class throwing a smashing left hook.

  • Brenda "2sweet" Harrison shadow boxing after class.

  • Brenda "2sweet" Harrison slipping a left hook thrown by Danny "Rokk" Cucuta and then throwing a left uppercut.

  • Tifany and Betsy throwing spectacular hook kicks.

  • Richard and Danny catching each other with smashing hooks.

  • Tweety And Stone after their wins wearing t-shirts that say "We are ready for coach Eddie"!.

  • After class a few stay over to train more and then pose for a few seconds.

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