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Head Coach Eddie "Thunderkick" Monger.

You only get one body in this life -- what you do with it is the important thing. Personally, I keep mine in shape. When I'm 70, I want to still be active and vigorous, and that means exercising and staying fit now. I know, I can hear you say "Who has the time?" But if you can devote 30 minutes to watching your favorite sitcom, can't you devote that same amount of time to staying fit? Your sitcom won't keep you healthy!

Coach Eddie "Thunderkick" Monger History

* 1968 to 1971 Coach Monger participated in junior boxing.

* 1971 to 1986 Coach Monger began his Karate, Kickboxing, and Boxing career.

* 1979 Coach Monger and his teammates Don Crenshaw, Tony Rosser, Steve Stanford, and Dino Butler trained with Bill Superfoot Wallace for 1 1/2 years at Memphis State University.

* 1986-1988 Coach Monger trained with Terrence Phillips and Dewana Plunk for the 1988 Olympics.

* 1987 One of Coach Mongerís Amateur Lightweights, Ras Dragonfly Lowe, won the PKA championship belt and was featured in Black Belt Magazine.

* 1989 Coach Monger judged his first world Super Middleweight Title fight between James Mack Jr. and Anthony Anderson.

* Coach Monger has spent his entire career involved with some of the world greatest fighters like (Anthony "Amp" Elmore, Melvin "Hitman" Cole, and Jerry Rome).

* Coach Monger was ranked #4 as a professional heavyweight in the world.

* In 1997 Coach Monger created his own system, Thunder Kickboxing.

Eddie "Thunderkick" Monger Certifications

* First degree black belt in Bu Kyoku Ryu karate and Kyo-Kushinkai-Kan karate.

* IFA(International Fitness Association) Certified as a Aerobic and Fitness Instructor.

* ISKA(International Sports Kickboxing Association) member

* CPR certified

Recent accomplishments

In August of 1997 Eddie's Amateur, Brenda "2sweet" Harrison, won her first fight by almost knocking her opponent onto the judges table.

In June 1998 Eddie's Amateur , Danny "Rokk" Cucuta, won the IKC belt a minute and a half into the first round..

On August 29th of 1998 Eddie's Amateur Danny "Rokk" Cucuta (now 3-0), George "Catman" Munn (Knockout), and Foshie Bell (Knockout) all won their fights on the 29th.

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