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Up Coming Events

------------------------Eddie Monger TM*Thunder Kickboxing*--------------------
The next upcoming fight will be at USA Fitness 5505 Bells Ferry Road
----------Call for directions or ticket information 770-591-3323 ----------

Eddie Monger Fighter's

  • Coach Eddie "Thunderkick" Monger working on specific techniques with Brenda "2sweet" Harrison.


  • A shot of Walter "Ironman" Barber and Brenda "2sweet" Harrison.

  • Catman fading back then throwing a left jab
    and right cross. The right cross lands to the
    temple of Scott Lee and knocks him out.

  • Catman's victory dance.

  • Catman sitting next to Mike Moore discussing
    his victory over Scott Lee by knockout.

  • Brenda "2sweet" Harrison, Danny "Rokk" Cucuta,
    and Coach Eddie Monger at the corner cheering
    on Foshie Bell.

  • Coach Eddie Monger smiles proudly
    after Foshie's knockout win.

  • Foshie's wife so very pleased with
    his victory that she cries.

  • Brenda "2sweet" Harrison and Julie "Tiger" Peck
    with Foshie Bell's wife after the spectacular wins
    from George "Catman" Munn, Danny "Rokk"
    Cucuta, and Foshie Bell.

  • EMonger@aol.com

  • iisweet1@yahoo.com


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